House of Holland …Love

So if you read fashion magazines…. (who doesn’t) you have probably seen these T-shirts around by House of Holland, they’re kind of hard to miss. I think they are totally awesome & there are definitely a couple of them that I want to pick up myself. Stylist and writer Henry Holland does these fab tees with rhyming slogans with the help of graphic designer Chris Williams. The best part is that they are decently priced. They come out to around $78 with shipping per shirt 🙂

Love this one…haha makes me smile…unfortunately all out of mediums and larges on the site.


Seeing as Marc Jacobs and Christopher Kane are two of my favorite designers I am in LOVE with these two:


They only have a select few collections up on their website for purchase, but their Fall 07′ ready-to-wear had some very exciting pieces that I would also love to get my hands on. Hot metallics and be-jewel madness. I’m going to keep checking the site for more styles…because other than the official site I believe the only other availablity I know of in NY is Barneys. Happy hunting!

Fall 07'

House of Holland = totally HOTT


One thought on “House of Holland …Love

  1. teara says:

    where can i find the do me in the park marc, i love marc jacobs hes amazing

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