Posso The Spat…

So I recently came across this aspiring fashion accessory…yeah I guess it’s an accessory. A company called Posso The Spat by designers Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini. There pretty much a leather accessorie worn over your shoes… interesting right! Well…I think they are hotness and I am definitely on the look out for a pair of my own… Haven’t seen much on price yet, and I searched the suggested sites for purchasing…if you hear anything let me know!

My favs….

Posso The Spat 1

I also like the gray with silver ones and the cream with gold. Go check out the site and take a look at the look book to see what I mean. You can fold them over, fold them up, whatever its sexy. It can make a shoe look like a totally different shoe… I think they have a very gladiator appeal.. 😉 and they make me think of the Chanel Resort 07′ collection gladiator sandals which are fuckin ill.

Chanel 07


Peace – Love – Shoes


One thought on “Posso The Spat…

  1. eeewwww says:

    These are horrible. The “designer pals” should go back to drinking or whatever they do best.

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