I LOVE Kat Von D

So the new show LA Ink just premiered on TLC tonight at 10pm and I have been waiting all week because I absolutely love Mz. Kat Von D, she is absolutely gorgeous and an amazing tattoo artist! Now I looove tattoos and I wish I could get more but my mother would kill me….pretty much all old people (in my family at least) are anti-tattoo. I keep trying to explain that times are different now and tattoos are ‘more acceptable’ like you can get more jobs with tattoos today then say 10 years ago, but they just don’t understand.

Back to the show- I really did love it. I have been a huge fan of Miami Ink since the beginning and I loved when Kat came on, and was sad to see her go (even though I LOVE the hot Miami men to) but, I was soooo excited to hear about her new show and I’m glad that it turned out to be great! I cannot wait for next weeks episode I really want to see the shop fully set up and everything and I cant wait to see everyones work! All of the tattoo artists on LA Ink look amazinggg! I LOVED that pin-up tattoo Hannah Aitchisan did it was sweet (I wish I could get one)!

Anyway if you didn’t watch this weeks show be sure to catch the re-runs, I’m sure there will be plenty. And catch it next week 10pm on TLC. Looooves it! 🙂

She is sooo flippin hotttt!

Kat Von D

Kat Von D

High Voltage Tattoo


3 thoughts on “I LOVE Kat Von D

  1. bgraef says:

    Na……I dont like tatooed women. Except maybe for a butterfly or 2.

  2. bgraef says:

    Hmmm…on second thought
    This redneck from Canada thinks shes hot….
    sans tatoos
    Ok…..Ok….shes hot… :))
    Tatoos or not…

  3. […] starting this blog one of my most viewed blog posts is about how much I love Kat Von D. Everyone wants to know where she buys her clothes, who makes her shoes, where she got her […]

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