I’m LOVING … Tory Burch

One of the latest designers to spike interest around our area has been Tory Burch. Over the past year she has really become popular, known around the city for the signature Reva Ballerina flat. Many knock-offs have followed, in stores like Payless, Delia’s, Jessica Simpson, and Steve Madden, for a much cheaper price.

I hate when people steal other people’s ideas, we can all see that those are Tory Burch knock-offs and why would you want to walk around wearing something that everyone can tell is a knock-off! I dunno that kinda thing just drives me nuts! I know not everyone can afford to purchase the $195+ flats but, if there is one thing I hate it is definitely fakes, companies need to have their own artists and develop their own designs!

Anyways… She has only been around since February of 2004, and I feel she has already become a staple in every New Yorkers closet. I know both of my boss’ have been obsessing over her for the past 6 months and I’m sure many others are as well. Go check out the new Fall looks on the site they are HOTT! Not only am I in love with the flats but she also makes awesome bags and clothing to. I’m in love with the bold patterns and colors shes uses and her classic but bohemian style. Check out the site and jump in on the Tory Burch craze while its hott!

Loving…these bags …

Tory Burch Reva ClutchTory Burch Tote


4 thoughts on “I’m LOVING … Tory Burch

  1. Janine says:

    Your post disgusts me…you are a snob. Maybe people can afford it but CHOOSE not to buy such expensive shoes. I know I can, however as a doctor that works in a busy hospital, I am not about to wear $200 flats that can be ruined if a patient is having a bad day…think about the things you write before you post them!

  2. Hubert Headen says:

    I am in agreement with your post. I work for special investigations in the knock-off area, and I think that when the knock-off producers sell fakes they not only do an injustice to the designer by robbing them of royalties, but also does an injustice to the people who some are fooled by the fakes and to those who can’t enjoy the full benifit of quality and comfort of a decent product. TO THE FAKES… THOSE WHO SELL AND TO THOSE WHO BUY. WHAT CHA GONNA DO WHEN WE COME FOR YOU…. BEWARE you’ll never know what we look like or if that person next to you shopping is me…. Happy Holidays

  3. stop buying fake products

  4. Bea Smart says:

    You’re a superficial snot. Grow up and write about something that actually matters. Tip: Pick up a newspaper and learn about the world.

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